Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Tea Pot and the River Towns

I am Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I am walking down a town lane in Black Rock with my father, Maurice. He is holding Ms. Pots from the castle of the Beast in both of his hands; only she doesn’t have her face anymore and is no longer animated. Instead of china she is made of smooth, transparent crystal with gold trimming and looks like a hybrid of her former self and Aladdin’s lamp.

Ms. Pots is filled with hot water, and my father walks down the town lane in Black Rock showing all the people of the town his magick, wishing lamp. They all think he is crazy. After circling around the block we walk back up the lane again, and find ourselves on the outer wall of a reservoir. There are waterways leading to the centre of this reservoir over which floats a dark entity like an evil genie.

The Entity is being reprimanded by the human parents of little creatures for scaring their children, and after each parent rebukes it to their satisfaction they row off, sailing their small boats to the right of the reservoir and down their respective waterways. No longer Belle, but now myself, I follow a boat down the waterways, which are like suspension bridge roller coasters for boats, passing over and under each other under the reservoir.

At the end of each waterway is a small town, symbolized by one wooden beach gazebo-house, painted in bright, tropical colours. There are people living and playing in every “town” except the last one, which is empty. This was the town of the human parents of the little creature children, who were frightened by the evil genie of the reservoir. No one uses this waterway anymore. The parents have left because the children are afraid.

As I stand at the end of the water way, staring out at the sea, beside the abandoned town, the dream ends and I awaken.