Monday, February 13, 2012

Of Owl and Water, Tower and Tree


I am in the tower of the School of Life. I want to skip class to go and help my friend who is being bullied. I ask to go to the bathroom. The School Marm tells me to use the bathroom upstairs, so I cannot slip away. I go to use the bathroom upstairs.

I come back to class and announce before everyone that it is flooded, and request to use the bathroom downstairs. Succinct and terse, the Matron of the School allows me to go downstairs. I slip from the tower, and run into the surrounding forest.

There, I rescue my friend from her bullies. Upon returning to the School of Life, I discover a colossal tidal wave about to crash into the top of the tower. I enter and run up the stairs and run down the corridors. It is dark. Students are in the halls and passageways panicking. I can hear their footfalls and confusion and screams.

I enter my now empty classroom the moment the wave hits the tower, slamming into it with the force of non-existence. It rips off the classroom door, and thrashes around the teacher’s desk, behind which I am now hiding. It tears alongside washing away the furniture of the classroom.
It does not touch me. From the top of the tidal wave a round gargantuan feathered head rises. It is Spirit. It is totemic. It is Owl. Her body, large and round, is covered with feathers of dark, iridescent blue, highlighted with hematite, flecked with pearl.

Her chest, home of the chakra of the heart, is covered with downy feathers of pure white light. Her talons, beak and eyes are a luminous, shimmering gold. She emerges entirely from the wave and gives chase. I turn to run, leaping from the tiny tower window to the meadow far below and into the forest.

I hide amongst the resting flower faeries. I hide amongst the sleeping mole babies, snuggling up against their mother as if I too were her baby. Owl seeks me. She sees me. She finds me. Owl is the Seeker of Truth … The Seer of Truth … The Revealer of Truth. She reveals me. I cannot run from Truth. I cannot run from myself.

In every dream, the dreamer is every power. I am the power of Truth. I am the power of Owl. I am the power of my bullied friend. I am the power of the School Marm, the Matron of the School of Life. I am the power of the forest. I am the power of the Tower.

I am the power of the tidal wave. I am the power of the power of the flower faerie. I am the power of the Mole Mother, and of her baby, and of myself. I am the power of dreaming, and thus The Dreaming ends.

Brightly-spun wonders,
Rev. Faemore Lorei <3.~