Friday, May 30, 2008


I am at a fall fair with my father. It is very beautiful, very nostalgic and very whimsy.

Suddenly the scene shifts and I am in an unfamiliar house. The guy, who plays Mr. Sheffield from the Nanny is there with his older daughter, who is a little girl with blond hair. Creatures made of confectionery and candy, of sugar and icing are walking around. They look like a fusion of the Pillsbury Dough Boy and the Michelin Mascot Tire-Man.

The dreaming shifts again and we are now at my old primary school. It is night time and filled with unfamiliar people. We are running for our lives, trying to escape something menacing and violent that we cannot see, when suddenly she appears. She looks like the sorceress Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, but changed somehow.

A girl named Georgi-Ann is there. I grab her hand and we run towards the fence trying to get away from the dark witch, who, now focused on our flight, follows. She is intent on killing us. As we try to scale the fence, Georgi is injured, but whether it is by the fence or by the foe I cannot tell. We make it over and to the other side of the fence and run down the road to a bus stop I remember being there, and sit on the seat.

Georgi is very ill and leans into me incapable of holding herself up. Maleficent glides down the road past us, but just when we think its safe she turns to attack. It is then that she sinks into the ground, into the earth, never to be seen again. Simultaneously there is an explosion at the school up the road to our right. It is an animated explosion of energy like a final move in a video game or anime. The entire road and building shakes to their core, and the foundation of the school collapses in on itself, though the upper structure of the school remains intact.

I race up the road back to the school to find out what happened, leaving Georgi laying at the bus stop. When I arrive I find only the unfamiliar people there. The school seems to have transformed into a factory of some kind. All the candy people now appear to be just candy and are no longer animated at all. They are no longer alive. I think about returning to get Georgi but I don’t know if I do and find that she has died, or if I just sense it and realize that it is too late.

The Dreaming shifts. We are once again in the unfamiliar house with Mr. Sheffield and his older daughter, who is a little girl with blond hair. Everyone is there who was in the beginning of the dream, except for my dad, the candy people and Georgi. The Dreaming ends.

There is only ....


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I am the little mermaid. Ursula, the sea witch, has just transformed me to a human, and her eel lackeys, Flotsam and Jetsam, guide me to the surface before I drown. When I break the water, Prince Eric’s ship floats before me, and I clamber up the anchor rope until I am lying spent on the deck.

On board the ship is like backstage at a Vegas show. It is an open floor plan all in white - white walls, white ceiling and white floor, with white bunks, white chests of drawers and white dressers with bulbous lighting framing their mirrors. All the drawers and dressers are open and overflowing with ultra-feminine clothing in pink and silver, purple and gold.

Prince Eric and I peer into the murky depths of the water where we can still see Flotsam and Jetsam swimming menacingly beneath the surface. I know then that if I tried to return to the ocean they will kill me, and so I stay on-board out of fear.

However, the two evil eels decide that they will not wait until the sun sets on the third day, but that they will kill me now. They too clamor up the anchor rope until they are writhing on the deck where we stand. Everyone scatters. Flotsam and Jetsam terrorize the crew, crawling, undulating, wriggling with surprising speed, chasing everyone, chasing me.

I run up the white ladder to the top of a white bunk, but they scurry and scuttle right up behind me. The rest of the crew is still running around frantic, panicked, and do not dare to help. I am alone and I cannot hide. I leap down from the bed and run to the place of the deck on which I came aboard. I plunge into and beneath the murky waves. They plunge after me in glee, pleased to know that their task to end my existence will soon be fulfilled.

I die.

Live Life Well


Friday, May 9, 2008

Of School Rooms, Bathtubs & Cigarettes

I am in a building reminiscent of my old primary school at night. I enter a school room in which there is a class taking place. I walk over to the teacher, take the chalk from her hand and proceed to write on the board.

My friend Shari then rushes into the room, takes the chalk from my hand and says in a frustrated yet sympathetic voice “Ton, you can’t do that,” while leading me away.

I am out on a balcony enshrouded by the dark of night in which the shadows cast by the harsh light of a street lamp dance. Winter is there with me. We are smoking cigarettes made from rum and wine. He gets angry with me for smoking even though he is smoking too.

I walk away, and in a corridor of the school hall appears a bathtub filled with water, potpourri, rose petals and sorrel leaves. A boy named Rivenis sits in the tub fully-clothed. I join him in the tub, also fully-clothed. He sits at one end of the tub and I, at the other, with water red like blood from potpourri, petals and leaves undulating between us, as we smoke cigarettes made from rum and wine.

Well Being